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About Visuals

Thank you for visiting our district website.

The staff in Nespelem School District honor the work of our students as they learn. Students publish drafts and final pieces of work, on bulletin boards or walls throughout our school or on our websites and blogs. Please accept our learning and celebrate our growth; student work may not be perfect, but it will demonstrate progress and their willingness to take risks to learn.

The video entitled "A Tribute to our Class of 2011: Remember where you came from..." was created in fifteen minutes by a seventh grade student who wanted to honor our 2011 graduates, friends that would move on to another school this fall, 2011. The student snapped the photos of places the students frequently visited. The student then uploaded them to the computer, learned two new programs on the spot (called "Just in time" learning), and organized the order, transitions, text, and music. While not an "exciting" piece, it does show honor to our graduates, and shows the thoughtfulness of our students. It also demonstrates how easily our students use technology and and why we strive to include the needed 21st Century skills at our school.  With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the short video.

The video "Fourth of July Celebration" is a composite of the annual Fourth of July Pow Wow in Nespelem and images from our school, to honor our traditions and provide a glimpse into the culture of our community.