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to Nespelem School's Excellence in Education Award Recipients

Mark Stewart and Bethany Williams

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About Mark Stewart

  • Over 25 Years of service at our school
  • Flexible to the needs of the staff and students
  • Understands tasks and completes them to 100% +
  • Never says, “No, I can’t;” Always says, “Ok, Ok”
  • Does extra jobs -- over and beyond the required
  • Serious about doing his best; steady; reliable
  • Respectful
  • Kind
  • Always learning; a great role model; grabs books off the classroom reading shelves and asks to borrow them
  • Always sharing his vast knowledge of nature: hunting, fishing, trapping, wood-working, surviving
  • A great resource !
  • Always smiling (What is he thinking under that hat?)
  • Takes personal pride in his work
  • It’s “his school !”  and we’re so glad!

About Bethany Williams

  • BA Degree in Finance / Economics (EWU)
  • Masters in Teaching -- (WSU) Masters in Education
  • Professional in her workplace and classroom
  • Positive and contributing member of teams (Technology; Primary; Reading; Math)
  • Great communication skills
  • Willing to jump into projects
  • Highly praised by our SFA Director, Linda Simmons for her excellent management and learning focus for our little kindergarten wiggle warts
  • Great classroom control and creative teaching; varied and experiential lessons; enthusiastic
  • Handles all the little (and some big!) problems  
  • Flexible with the unplanned issues that occur
  • “Rolls with it”
  • Keeps her cool and her smile
  • Students are proud of what they are learning and like to demonstrate their new skills
  • Kids love her