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Mr A

Welcome to the website for the Nespelem School District.

Here are some norms and priorities we’re working on.


Create HOPE… (makes sense) for a Progressive Learning Organization & School Community. Share leadership capacity for sustained success… Everyone responsible.

Proven Practices…Effective Attributes/Elements & Second Order changes.

Celebrate a diversity of viewpoints… Everyone participates, listens, and collaborates with a respectful attitude… let go of comfort zones.

Simplify from the complex with Current Reality and move from discussion to dialogue. Double check path of least resistance.

Develop a clear, unified, unwavering, prioritized and progressive direction based on common ownership and clear understandings that will have the most impact and focus on root causes from “what’s up river” challenges.

With every interaction remember to build relationships and support. Empower… don’t tear down. Practice making the Quality & Nature of Thinking & Relationships our #1 priority. Believe and truly be the Ace in the Hole for the staff and students.


Priorities… “Tight”

Active Engagement / Build Relationships

·      Discipline- Progressive Flow

·      Professional Development     (ü classified )

                   Instruction / Learning

  • Proven Practices…Effective Attributes/Elements & Second Order Changes
  • Professional Learning Community  

·      Clear targets/ Valid assessments / Sound interventions

Seek Expertise     Math /Reading

Strategic & Schoolwide Plans

Stay in touch :)

John. M Adkins (Mr. A)