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Nespelem School District Mission Statement

To Enable A Child To Be A Thinking, Caring, Productive  Person Using High Academic Standards In A Positive Environment.


GOAL ONE:  Be Here   

Be on time    Be prepared 

GOAL TWO:  Be Kind   

Co-operate    Work without disturbing others    Share equipment in the classroom and at recess    Be aware of the needs of others

GOAL THREE: Be Respectful

Be quiet and listen    Follow instructions as given    Respect all persons (students and staff)    Use Appropriate Language 

GOAL FOUR: Be Safe   

Manage yourself at all times    Follow the school rules     Take care of personal and school property 

GOAL FIVE:  Be Productive    
We expect you to try your hardest and do your best     Complete Assignments    Help yourself and others learn  

If you can monitor yourself and help others reach these goals, we will all be successful this year!