Children Online Privacy Protection Act

Nespelem School District believes that technology provides a very powerful, essential tool in the education process for both students and staff. Nespelem School District is committed to providing ongoing and continuous training to all of its teachers and students in the use of and integration of technology as tools for teaching and learning in all subject areas. 

Your child has the opportunity to receive an electronic network account or access, and needs your permission to do so. Among other advantages, your child will be able to communicate with other schools,colleges, organizations and individuals around the world through Internet and other electronic information systems and networks. Internet is a system which links smaller computer networks, creating a large and diverse network. Internet allows your child, through electronic mail (e-mail) and other means to reach out to many other people to share information, learn concepts and research subjects. These are significant learning opportunities to prepare your child for the future.

Nespelem School uti­lizes sev­eral web-based soft­ware appli­ca­tions and ser­vices( SaaS), oper­ated not by NSD, but by third par­ties. These may include Evernote, Edmodo and sim­i­lar edu­ca­tional pro­grams.  

In order for our stu­dents to use these pro­grams and ser­vices, cer­tain per­sonal iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion, gen­er­ally the student's name and email address, must be pro­vided to the web site oper­a­tor. Under fed­eral law, these web­sites must pro­vide parental noti­fi­ca­tion and obtain parental con­sent before col­lect­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion from chil­dren under the age of 13.

For most sites, code names are used for students. Sites such as grading or teacher sites may use student names. We refer to these as "online social sites"  and "Acceptable  network  use  by  district  students  and   staff"  in  our  Acceptable  Use  Policy  which  parents  sign  each  year. In addition our Technology Coordinator and classroom teachers emphasize ongoing training in internet safety. See our Digital Eagle site.  As a Google Apps for Education school, here is more information.

A list of the possible sites to be used in our classrooms, with links to their privacy policies and terms of services may include the following: