Literacy Week March 

Let's have fun and read, read, read !

Literacy Week Events

Join us for an exciting week full of reading activities for our school and your family.  Some of the events are:


Drop Everything And Read
During the day we will do just that: Drop everything and read for fifteen minutes.

Second Cup of Coffee

Parents, stop by and have a cup of coffee: March 23. 2011

Contest (see middle column)

Design a Book Cover

Guest Reader Month

Parents and community members are invited to read to a class. Read a favorite picture book or an excerpt from a favorite book. Take ten to fifteen minutes to share your favorite reading. Contact your teacher to sign up.

The Cat in the Hat

Keep an eye out for The Cat in the Hat -- one day, he'll appear !


Please contact Sue Dickey, our librarian, for books to read and for more information.  634 4541 x16


Read to Learn, Grades 5-8



Design a Book Cover!
Thursday, March 24, 2011


Design a Book Cover !


1. What is your favorite book? 

2. What book are you reading now?

3. Think of a new title for your book (your favorite or the one you are reading).  What will your new title be?

4. List two details from the story that support your title choice:



5. Design a new book cover for this book. Include
  • your new title,
  • the author,
  • and pictures (stick figures are OK.)
  • In small print on your cover, include the two details that support your title choice.


All entries must be completed and turned in on Thursday, March 24th.


Art by Kindergarten


Thank you !

Special thanks to Gloria Adolph for her extraordinary work in preparing our Literacy Week as a reading coach for our school. 

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