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School Board Director

School Board Director Position

NESPELEM SCHOOL BOARD is seeking applicants for Director District #1

District # 1 starts at the intersection of Gold Lake Rd and BIA Rd 1030. Southerly on Gold Lake Rd to 

Upper Loop Hud Rd. East on Upper Loop Hud Rd .15 miles south .08 miles and west .13 miles on Upper 

and Lower Loop Hud Rd to extension connecting to Gold Lake Rd .12 miles north of A St. South on Gold 

Lake Rd to A St. East .2 miles on A St to unnamed road. North and east on unnamed road to 5th St. 

Southerly on 5th St to city limits. East, south, and west following city limits to 8th St. North on 8th St. to C 

St. West on C St. to 10th St. South on 10th St. to D St. West on D St. to State Hwy. 155 Northwest on State 

Hwy. 155 to BIA Rd 2056. Northerly on BIA Rd 2056 to Park City Loop Rd. Northerly, easterly, and 

southerly on Park City Loop Rd. to Gold Lake Rd. South on Gold Rd. to the point of the beginning.

Applications may be submitted until December 9, 2016. 

Please contact Tanya Bunting at the Nespelem School District office at 509-634-4541 Ext. 102 or tbunting@nsdeagles.org.

Tanya Bunting,
Dec 6, 2016, 2:02 PM