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Volunteering at Nespelem School

The Nespelem School District is looking for volunteers. You can volunteer to help at the school on your own or work through the tribal Employee School Volunteer Program (See information below).

HOW TO APPLY: To apply, mail or drop off a resume and application to Mr. John Adkins, P.O. Box 291, Nespelem, WA 99155 –or phone 509-634-4541(on line application www.nsdeagles.org). All applicants must pass a background check, drug testing and must work well with students, staff and parents

We want to recruit as many volunteers as possible. Let us know when you apply what times and days of the week work for you and we’ll do our best to accommodate. With our volunteers we’re emphasizing reading, oral language, writing and math skills. Students will practice these skills with a volunteer using games, flash cards, matching activities, etc.


Full time permanent, seasonal permanent and part time employees who are in good standing and meet eligibility criteria for TESVP may receive up to thirty-two (32) hours TESVP time from the Tribes with a required eight (8) hour employee match for a total of forty hours to volunteer in approved activity that supports the education of children. To be eligible an employee must complete a TESVP enrollment form, secure supervisor approval, agree to abide by the volunteer policies of the school or center they wish to volunteer, sign a criminal background release form and obtain a health clearance if requirement by the placement station. TESVP is a discretionary program subject to application, approval and eligibility. Supervisor approval is required at least three days prior to using TESVP. Violation of TESVP policies will subject the employee to suspension or termination from the TESVP and other personnel action can be found in EPM Addendum section.

Nespelem School

Patrick Morin, Jr., Vice Chair P. Jolene Marchand, Leg. Rep Annette Moses, Director Andy Joseph, Jr., Director
PO Box 291
229 School Loop Road Nespelem, WA 99155

Fax # 509-634-4551